It’s reliable

When the moment’s gone, it’s gone. That’s why we’ve made our cables and reels strong and toughened our connectors – because you don’t get second chances, just connect and forget.

It’s portable

You can even carry our 1000 metre reels in one hand. That saves a lot of time setting up and breaking down and a lot of walking.

It’s tough & flexible

Our cables are tough, yet very flexible. ArmourLux500 uses a specially developed Military grade Belden Tactical fibre with an outdoor PUR sheath. Its designed for repeated deployment, making it ideal for temporary connections.

It comes in lots of different sizes

Every job is different, and everyone has their own way of working. We can supply between two and 24 fibre cores per cable, depending on what you need. And the length of cable is only limited by the size of the reel – you can find the detailed specs here.

There’s a choice of connectors

The LC-MAX is the first ruggedised LC, metal bodied for increased durability & with an IP rated cover. It plugs straight into your LC sockets to make life easier. The IP-PRO offers maximum protection for a dust free and waterproof connection. Each IP rated plug can house a 2, 12 or 24 fibre connector, either singlemode or multimode, enabling you to deploy just one cable for multiple connections. We also have the industry standard LC, LC Uniboot, ST and SC connectors.

You can see our connector range here