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The cable

The Armourlux500 series uses a military grade Tactical Beldon fibre.

How much to a reel?

That depends. It depends on the number of fibre cores and the length of cable.  See the table for exact reel capacities for each cable.


Nothing frustrates like an iffy connection. We’ve taken standard connectors and made them as tough as we can, capable of taking more things outdoor life throws at them.


As tough as the LC comes. The industry standard connector you know and love but ruggedised and able to plug straight into LC sockets without the need for an adaptor.


Maximum protection for a dust free and waterproof connection. Each IP rated plug can house a 2, 12 or 24 fibre connector, enabling you to deploy just one cable for multiple connections.


Industry standard familiar to anyone who’s used Fibre Optics before, it’s a small connector often seen on modern active equipment, simplex & duplex.

LC Uniboot

The same as LC, but both fibre cores terminate in a single bodied duplex connector. More convenient to use and stronger.

ST Connector

A bayonet style simplex metal connector which is rugged and has a large installed base.

SC Connector

A square connector similar in size to an ST and seen on older equipment. Largely replaced with LC.


ArmourLux Deployable Fibre

ArmourLux cpnnectors